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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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o   Assist 1n the  Improvement  of information dissemination to, and train-
ing activities for, professionals and parents of handicapped children.

A Regional Resource Center may conduct research, innovation, training, or
dissemination activities, consistent with the purposes of Section 624 of
the Act and the requirements in 34 CFR Part 315.

B.    Progress and Accomplishments

In FY 1984, the program supported six regional centers that help SEAs and
LEAs develop quality programs and services for handicapped children. The
Department has identified five principal areas in which the States need
technical assistance as:

o    Secondary education and transition

o    Preschool  education

o    Special  education/general  education coordination

o    Parental  involvement

o    Technology

During FY 1984, the RRC program continued to provide technical assistance
to States 1n these areas. One method was the development and dissemina-
tion of products that compile information on issues, practices, and
materials. Another was the conduct of national and regional con-
ferences. These were attended by about 3,000 persons. A third program-
matic activity offered technical assistance to individual SEAs within
each region. Examples of this effort, by region, include:

o   The South Atlantic RRC designed and implemented a training program for
assessment personnel  in the State of Texas.

o   The Northeast RRC assisted the Maine SEA in promoting the use  of con-
flict resolution.

o   The Great Lakes Area RRC works with its SEAs in the evaluation of State

o   The  Mid-South   RRC  has   established   an   electronic   bulletin   board to
rapidly disseminate information.

o   The   Western   RRC   has   helped   the   Alaska   SEA  to   improve   vocational
education for the handicapped.

o   The  Mountain  Plains   RRC has   assisted  the   Bureau   of   Indian  Affairs
to improve instructional quality.ivities with other Regional Resource